On the Road


Revised 3-3-07

CHINA 2005


Our final destination was China's largest and newest city, with 16–17 million people. The Chinese have a saying something like this: If you arrive in Shanghai on Tuesday, when you leave on Wednesday, there will be four more skyscrapers.

Not being noted for my love of big cities, it was my least favorite stop. Nonetheless, we saw beautiful things and interesting sights. By this time, I was unable to take many photographs (I counted on others in my group).

The famous Bund skyline
along the Huangpu River


Trade Center; buildings such as these are seen for miles and miles in any direction

Nanpu Bridge (from postcard)

The beginning of our final Chinese lunch
(yes, those are French fries)


Cruise along the Grand Canal,
built 600 years ago, in Yuyuan


A much photographed/painted bridge;
with its water reflection
, it forms a perfect circle


Farewell party; Tiger, our national guide,
is at lower left


Farewell party; Tiger is in the back next to Nila


Farewell party; another view

Farewell party; Mary Ann at right


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