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5/6 of My Pinochle Gang
January 2012
Chowning's Tavern, Williamsburg, VA

(Me, Nila, Gail, Mary Ann, Glo)

Nila, our author, has a website offering many of her e-books for sale via Amazon, Kindle, and many more.  Check out her Crossword Puzzle Dictionary.

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 Rick Moore  Lee & Kent MacKinnon, my garden guru & vino boxo buddy


Rick Moore, an old friend with a phenomenal memory for birthdays

    Marie Scoville, my Arizona twin Alisa & Kids

Alisa D'Alessandro 




R.T. Thomas    R.T. Thomas, H's friend & coffee buddy, had a shop in beautiful downtown Coarsegold until he moved to Nevada.
    He crafts custom cowboy leather and silver, and is quite an artist!  Now he's become a model train enthusiast.







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