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Sharon & Humphrey, Arctic Circle, Alaska, July 2002

Sharon & Humphrey,
Arctic Circle, Alaska
July 2002

  Sharon & Humphrey,
85th Birthday Reunion
for Mom & HE, May 2003




Our Four Kids, Then & Now

Lisa superimposed a photo taken in 1975
onto one taken in October 1998.

In order of their ages, eldest first:

Jay Vestal

Jay Vestal
b. 9-2-66 d. 8-18-03

Andrew Nixon

Andrew Nixon

Lisa (Vestal) Rolen

Lisa (Vestal) Rolen

David Nixon

David Nixon

Lisa, AKA Shahara, Blackbeard's Daughter,
captain of her ship



Faith with her parents, Brittnee & Andy


Faith with her granddad

Faith, disappointed in having to wait for a meal

Andy & Faith, Hollywood Star



Matt McCarty, our honorary grandson as of Christmas 2010.  Photo on left is with Baby Faith.
Photo on right is coming home from school to greet us.


Photo on left is Matt doing a Tae Kwan Do kick.  Photo on right is his pink Tshirt, self-explanatory.

Matt on his favorite possession, his bike


Jay's sons:  Sean, age 7, and Frankie, age 1—at the time of their father's death


Sean's High School Graduation

Sean and family

Four-Footed Furry Grandkittens

 Patches and her new sister, Zeta

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Only one left standing:
Hubert Klamm,
my stepfather, who lives in Amarillo, TX




Rae Deane (Bowling) Lancaster,
my sis; her husband Bob is pictured later

Dennis Bowling, my bro (now deceased);
his significant other, Annemarie, appears below.

John & Pam Bowling

John Bowling, my bro,
and his wife, Pam

Annemarie Fisher

Annemarie Fisher

Dee Ann Bowling, first cousin, and her mom, Lida Mae Phillips

Andrea (Bowling) O'Neill

Andrea (Bowling) O'Neill, Dennis's daughter


Brian Bowling, Dennis's son, now married to Katie

Andy, Dave, me, H

Jeanie & Tom

Bob & Rae Deane, me & H, Pam & John

Vicki & Steve with two hairy kids

Front:  Bob (RD's husband), Nicole, and Tagen.
Middle:  Heather (Adam's wife), RD, and Annmarie.
Back:  Dennis, Dee Ann, and Adam (RD's son)

Chris and Loren Bowling, John B's sons

Rae Deane's daughter Debbie with son Luke and
husband Andy

Debbie & Andy's daughter Leah


Klamm Family Reunion, August 2008

Hubert and Irene, celebrating their birthdays

Brother John and his son Charles, daughter Amy

Brother Steve with his son Troy, and Troy's son August and daughter Lanta

The kids together, all but Tamy

Sister Jeanie in the beautiful 5th wheel she and Tom now have

Jeanie's husband Tom, in a rare shot without a camera covering his face

Steve's wife, Vicki, also a family photographer

Troy's wife, Hillary

Lisa and Tamy

Nephew Brian Bowling's wedding, June 2011
Left to right:  Dee Ann, Andrea, George, Humphrey, Loren, me, John, Pam, Rae Deane, Chris

As most of you know, our son Jay died August 18, 2003, at the age of 36 (just shy of 37).

 A very good friend, Mary Ann, surprised me with a memorial brick
in this gazebo in Gardnerville, NV:


Jay's father, Bill Vestal, died four months later on December 12, 2003, at the age of 67.
On the morning of his death, I photographed a magnificent sunrise,
and daughter Lisa made this collage:


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