Revised 3-3-07

Phlamingo Side View Phlaming Pink Phlamingo,
the most gorgeous bird in Park Sierra, maybe even in California. Aw heck, why be modest?—probably in the whole world!

Phoenicopterus phlatulensis

This 8-phoot phabulous phowl, seldom seen in Park Sierra, was phirst phound and photographed on July 27, 1996, by an alert member of a group gathered in the clubhouse on a hot summer evening.

A park member chased the phluorescent phowl into the clubhouse. Phlailing away with her pooper-scooper, this person claimed that the phlatulent phlapper left pink ephluence all over her phlox. The phlustered phlamingo was of the opinion that this person's phlowers needed color and was just trying to phix them.

A few phoolish people argued phalsely that phlaming pink Phlaming Pink Phlamingo phluorescent phlamingos were tacky and should not be allowed in the park, but phriendly members phinally came to the defense of the unphortunate phlier and protected the phabulous creature from phurther phowl play.

In gratitude, the Phlorida native cautiously makes an occasional appearance. A phairly close phriend of the phlamingo keeps the Phlamingo Books of Poetry, volumes 1 and 2, written by the grateful recipients of its early appearances.


UPDATE: On July 20, 2004, the Phantom Phlamingo phinally phound its way home, at least temporarily, and joined its mate. Could they be phooling around? Will we have inphant phlamingos phouling our lots? Stay tuned.